March 2008 archive

10 Down, 13.1 To Go

Today I ran ten miles. The furthest I’ve ever run in my life. Without stopping. Without bribes. Without being chased by a bear. Without dying of a myocardial infarction. And most surprising of all…without swearing that I’d never do it again. So Kristie convinced me that I needed to do a 10 mile run before […]

The Road to Nowhere

On Tuesday, my co-worker Robert and I hopped a plane to Phoenix en route to the Greer Lodge Resort in northern Arizona to meet with a client. Here’s a list of the Top 3 noteworthy things I experienced while in Phoenix: In-N-Out. Saguaro cactus. Lots. An aggravated assault staged on the vehicle directly behind me […]

Oh crap.

This just in: “03/24/08, Associated Press – Provo, UT. Kristie McConnon has talked her weak-minded husband into running a half-marathon with her in two weeks time. When asked what in the world he was thinking when he agreed to *pay* someone to allow him to perform the agonizing exercise that he could just as well […]

Easter Sunday

Last night I was browsing through this blog’s analytics data, and happened upon a visit from Not only was I excited to find more friends in the blogosphere, I was also particularly impressed with their most recent posts. In addition to a loving tribute to Kathryn’s brother, there is also a thoughtful post about […]

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