April 2008 archive

Three Cheers For Pizza Night!

For the last two semesters, our good friend Harry has upheld the most-excellent Reynolds tradition of providing and hosting our favorite weekly social event–Sunday night Pizza Night. The level of dedication, generosity and love required to pull it off still amazes me. Every week he and Sarah would prepare, create and cook the most amazing […]

Bonfire In The Canyon

Saturday night a small group of friends got together for a bonfire in the canyon. For some it was an escape from finals, for others, a chance to catch some rockin’ guitar, and for others yet it was a chance to roast marshmallows with sunglasses on and stand in the fire. All in all it […]

Happy Birthday Jer

Who couldn’t love a face like this? Thanks for throwing a sweet party to commemorate your date of birth. And awesome call on the tacos. Us with Harry and Sarah at the party:

Regina In Paint

Kristie’s received an assignment from her humanities class to listen to a piece of music and use it as inspiration for an “abstract expressionist painting.” Gotta love general ed classes. She chose Regina Spektor’s lighthearted, quirky On The Radio (watch/listen on Youtube here.) The result? A regular puff-paint Picasso.

Laws Of Motion

So today I woke up really wanting to longboard down Provo canyon. I’d been thinking about it ever since I watched people ride it while I was was stuck running it. So after Kristie agreed to drop me off at the trail head, I grabbed my board and we left the house. On the way […]

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