August 2008 archive

Game 1: UNI @ BYU

BYU’s 2008 season opener was much anticipated, and much enjoyed. We beat UNI soundly, but BYU’s execution could have been a little more clean. Here’s hoping for a perfect season! Lavell carrying the flag: We got field passes for the game:

20 Mile Run – Kristie

Kristie completed her 20 mile run today! I took a cooler with water bottles, some power bars and a book with me in the car and then met her at various points along the way. While waiting I’d read (Blood Meridian, Cormac McCarthy), and then play water boy when she approached. She ran 8:06 splits […]

Leah’s Home!

Kristie’s best friend (and roomate before I stole her) came back from her mission to Argentina on Tuesday! I can’t believe its been a year and a half since she left. But thinking about all that’s happend since–getting engaged, married, etc–makes it seem like longer. Kristie surprised Leah by catching the same flight on the […]

Home To Idaho

This week I dropped Kristie off at the airport on Tuesday afternoon so that she could spend some time helping out around the house while her mom, Sherri, recovered from a masectomy. Her breast cancer diagnosis is scary for all of us, but we all feel so blessed by the fact that the cancer doesn’t […]

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