October 2008 archive

Halloween Party ’08

Last year for Halloween Kristie and I did a pretty funny Britney and K-Fed parody. This year we decided to reach back to the classic cartoons of my childhood for inspiration…a big shout out to all those that survived the 80’s and remember Papa Smurf and Smurfette: Here we are with Michael Phelps/Barack Obama: Some […]


Today is Kristie’s birthday…which also marks one year ago today that we got engaged…man, time flies. I knew we’d be busy all night with the annual Halloween party we always go to…so I made sure to get up early to prepare the classic breakfast-in-bed. Which may or may not have included equal parts chocolate and […]

Battle of the Bands

Saturday night Kristie and I went out to dinner at Macaroni Grill in Riverwoods to kick off Kristie’s pre-birthday celebration. After dinner we headed over to the Smith Fieldhouse for BYU’s annual Battle of the Bands. We were there primarily to support and enjoy our buddy Dan Reynold’s band the Imagine Dragons. Of the 8 […]

Chili Cookoff

Kristie and I were in charge of organizing our ward’s annual chili cookoff activity. It turned out really well, and we got to be two of the three judges. I’m proud to declare that I didn’t accept a single bribe…can’t vouch for Kristie though. We had a total of 12 chili’s enter the contest. The […]

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