March 2009 archive

Nathan’s 25th

Lots of birthday’s this month… Not only was Nathan gracious enough to have us over for a birthday bash, he made us dinner to boot! He’s developing some killer pizza-making talent, much to our delight. After dinner we played some kind of crazy card game that had everyone in stitches…I still have no idea what […]

T-Ron vs. Achilles

No, not the greek one. My main man Theron had a nasty accident playing soccer and tore his achilles tendon. It required surgery, so he’s laid up for a few months. We’re hoping his recovery is akin to that of the pitcher in “Rookie of the Year,” where a shortened tendon will give him mad […]

Harry’s B-day

Not only did we get to celebrate Harry and Sarah’s engagement this month, but Harry’s birthday too! Sarah made a killer cake and Harry blew out all the candles with one deft clap of his hands. Let’s face it, they’re a power couple. Sorry for the fuzzy iPhone photo, it’s the best I could do […]

Morgan’s Reception

Tonight we headed out to Saratoga Springs for Mo-mo’s wedding reception…it was awesome catching up with her and a bunch of old friends. Congrats Morgan, you guys look great together! Here’s a picture of Kristie with Loni and Sandy:

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