April 2009 archive

Boston Globe Mention

While waiting along the Boston Marathon course, a Boston Globe reporter approached me and asked a few questions about the sign I was toting. He explained that he was doing a story about the big three events that commemorate Boston’s annual Patriots Day holiday–the marathon, the Red Sox and the revolutionaries. We had a fun […]

Kristie’s Graduation (extended)

Woohoo! So I got a chance to upload a couple of pictures while waiting for commencement to begin, but I wanted to fill in a few more details (and add a few more pictures) to elaborate on the day. Kristie’s mom and dad arrived Friday morning in Provo, and I was able to get off […]

Walden Pond

Today we went to Walden Pond with mom and Coleman. The weather was gorgeous. Mr. Henry David Thoreau was even there to give Kristie a ride on his shoulders…and he smoked me in an arm wrestling match. Walden is a pretty cool bit of history…and awesome that it’s only minutes from home.

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