May 2009 archive

Leah Gets Engaged!!!

So we knew about the ring at Bombay house…but Jonny wasted no time making it official: CONGRATS LEAH AND JONNY! We love you guys, and we’re crazy excited for all that’s in store.

Bombay House

Tonight we went to Bombay House with Amanda, Leah and Johnny. Only Amanda’s beau, Houston, was missing from the group: And here’s a shot of the girls, followed by a shot of the boys: Tonight we got a little pre-celebration on..


Kristie and I went to the inaugural Utah Valley Social Media Club (SMCUV) meeting tonight to start planning and organizing the chapter. Next meeting is Thursday, June 11, 7:00pm, at CoWork Utah in Orem. Everyone is welcome!

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed up to Idaho again for the long weekend. We knew it would probably be the last time we’d see Ang for a while, so we wanted to make it count. This time we got to hitch a ride with Leah and Jonny, which made for a really fun ride, cruising in the Civic. […]

South Fork Camping

We went camping up South Fork canyon with Nathan and Kendra again at our favorite spot. It felt so good to get outdoors…hope the summer is full of this. Well, no need to hope, we’ll make it happen…there’s too much beauty in these mountains to pass it up.

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