July 2009 archive

Leah’s Bridal Shower

I always get to write about cute bridal showers that I’m not invited to.But, from what I hear, Leah’s was very cute indeed. Here are a couple pictures: If you want more details, talk to Kristie…I’m sure she’d be delighted.

Hiller Family Reunion

Can’t believe it’s been a year since the last Hiller reunion…I remember writing the post about the first one I attended a year ago (roughly). It was really great to see everyone…and this year’s was extra cool because they rented an enormous, inflatable bouncey slide. They said it was for the kids, but hey, Kristie […]

RSL on Pioneer Day

Tonight we got a group together to watch a Real Salt Lake soccer game. Muchos gracias to Jer for making that happen. I asked a lady in front of us to get a group shot, and somehow she managed to produce this: Kristie and I are only half in it. The game was awesome…RSL had […]

Bingham-Kehl Festivities

Kristie’s friend Jessica just got married to her fiancee Brian Kehl. Football fans might know Brian as a former BYU standout, or as a current linebacker on the New York Giants. Here’s a picture of the crazy girls at her bridal shower: And a shot of the happy (and blurry–sorry) couple at their reception at […]

We moved! A little.

We’ve moved out of Alpine Village apartments to a house in north Orem with a quaint little back yard. It feels homey, we really like it. It’s less expensive, closer to work for both of us, and represents baby steps towards moving on from Provo. Many thanks to those who helped us with the move. […]

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