September 2009 archive

Lavell Edwards Stadium, We Missed You

Our awesome/kind/generous/etc. friends Leah and Jonny gave us their tickets to the BYU vs. CSU game because they were going away to Mexico for the long weekend. So we spent the afternoon basking in the glory of another sellout crowd and another Cougar win. At one point, after Harvey Unga ran into the endzone for […]

Celebrating with Bobby and Kathryn

Kathryn did a righteous thing and got a bunch of us on board to meet up for dinner at Simply Thai in Sandy to celebrate Bobby’s birthay. Only later did we learn that it was Kathryn’s birthday as well, so it was twice the party. It was so good to get that group together again, […]

Birthday’s In Rexburg

Since we missed Andrew this summer at Cape May, he thought it would be fun to fly out for Coleman’s birthday. Kristie and I were already planning on heading up to Rexburg, so Andrew flew out a few days early and spent some time down here with us and friends till we took off Saturday […]

Homecoming & Tanner Family Pictures

This weekend we headed up to Boise for Houston’s homecoming talk (nice job Hust!). While we were there, Dawn Yorgason took some awesome family photos of the ever-growing Tanner family. Here’s a couple pictures (the first was Dawn’s, and the second was taken with Angela’s camera — which is awesome btw…I’m mildly coveting it)

Flag Football

Kristie and some friends are on an awesome flag football team. I’m not sure if they’ll win a game this season, but they sure do have a good time. Kristie’s got an awesome throw and quick feet, so she switches between QB and running back. I didn’t get very good pictures, but here’s a shot […]

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