October 2009 archive

Halloween ’09

Unfortunately our Halloween-night plans didn’t quite work out, but at least I got to dress up with a few friends at work. I went as our former intern. Not funny unless you knew him. Check out this attractive bunch:

Cheer Party and Homecoming

The Weidman’s hosted an excellent get together for BYU cheer alumni that Kristie and I were invited to attend. I’ve learned over the years that anytime you get a group of cheerleaders together in one place, they end up stunting. It’s practically inevitable. But this time, everybody took a crack at it…even the non-cheerleaders. For […]

Gma Hiller’s Birthday

Just like last year, Grandma Hiller graciously invited the extended family celebrate her birthday at the Asian Star. That place has got Coconut Walnut Shrimp to die for. It was great to see the family and everyone had a blast. Happy birthday Grandma Hiller!

Pumpkins, Japanese Food and Cougar Football -> FTW

On our street there’s a house that was selling hundreds of pumpkins on their front lawn, so we decided to pick a couple up for ourselves.  Can’t wait for Halloween. That night we met up with Leah and Johnny to make Japanese food and watch the UNLV game. Great game, great eats, and great company.