January 2010 archive

Weekend In Eagle

On Thursday night we took off to Idaho to visit Kristie’s family. We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend hangin’ out with the fam. It was a particularly big weekend for Cole, who was celebrating his 16th birthday, getting ordained, etc. He had actually planned his own surprise party for Saturday with a couple of friends, […]

Moving On

Friday was the last day of work at my previous job. It had been a terrific 3 years, and I’m really proud of the things I learned and accomplished. My decision to move on came about when I received a job offer from another company–but then within days of that first offer, I was given […]

It’s a girl!

It’s official, Kristie and I are going to be the parents of a baby girl come June! We had the week 20 ultrasound today and she looks healthy, active and squished and adorable. I think she’s gonna be a daddy’s girl if I have anything to say about it. We’re so excited. Thanks all for […]

BYU vs. CSU at the Marriott

Our new friends Jared and Kayleen gave us some extra tickets to the men’s hoops game on Wednesday and it was a blast. BYU’s team has had a killer season so far [watch me jinx it], and they’re playing lights out. Maybe we’ll finally make it past round one of the big dance this year..

Tepanyaki Con Los 3 Amigos

It had been ages since me, Ryan and Brent got together, so we decided to go out to dinner with the ladies. For some reason Brent wanted to eat at Cabellas, which was a really cool place, but was closed by the time we got there. [Nothing says fine dining like sporting goods outfitters!] So […]

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