February 2010 archive

15k Race

This weekend Kristie ran the last installment of the Salt Lake City Track Club’s winter series, a 15k (9.3 mile) race out by the Saltair Pavilion in Magna. Her doctor figured that since she’s been running 5 miles a day since she was a fetus, she’s probably just fine doing it now. Kristie told me […]

Weekend at Solitude

The Wagstaffs (family friends of the Tanners) invited us up to their beautiful cabin at Solitude ski resort this weekend. Being the ski bum that I am, I was beyond excited for another opportunity to get out this season. So Friday night we picked up Houston and made our way up a snowy Big Cottonwood […]

Pre-Valentines Surprise

At about 2:30pm on Thursday I got a text from Kristie at work, informing me that she’d prepared a Valentines evening and I wasn’t allowed home till 6:00. Suffice it to say I love that girl.


Now that we don’t work together any more, us LJ alum met up to grab some good curry and catch up. After dinner, Andrew and Rebecca invited us all over for an extremely tasty dessert and rockin’ round of Blokus. The work place certainly won’t be the same without bizdevbear and the ppc wizard. #goodtimes […]

22 Weeks

We keep getting requests for “belly” pictures, so here they are folks…a cute Kristie and baby at 22 weeks:

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