April 2010 archive

Renovations: Day 12

Days till we have to be out of our apartment: 0 Today carpet went in, which means we’ll drag our mattress into a room and crash here for the first time! The place is really coming together..

Quick move…

Tonight we rented a U-Haul truck and a few friends pitched in to help us move. The nice thing about living in little apartments for so long is that you can’t really acquire too much extraneous ‘stuff’ — which made the move pretty reasonable. Here’s a shot of everything we own in the garage (since […]

New Vue

My wonderful aunt Cathy in Philadelphia purchased a Saturn Vue back in ’05, and recently decided that she no longer needed it. She loves the vehicle however, and wanted it to go to a good home–so she decided to ship it out to me and Kristie and sell it to us for next to nothing. […]

Renovations: Day 6

Days till we have to be out of our apartment: 6 Everything’s taped up and the first coat of paint has been applied to most of the house. It already looks cleaner and brighter…which I love. Back at the apartment we’re in the process of assembling and filling a jungle of boxes. It makes me […]

Book Club T-Shirt ’10

Every year we make new, super cool Book Club t-shirts. This year I missed the deadline and didn’t get one. So I made my own. Limited edition, inspired by the movie Mystery Men, and quite probably, the Meservys. Mr. Furious: Hey, I was wondering… have you seen my address book? The Shoveller: What did it […]

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