May 2010 archive

Y Hike

Today Kristie and I decided to go for a hike to see if we couldn’t dislodge this baby of ours a little bit. Destination: Y mountain. During the 1,100 feet of switchbacks, almost everyone we passed reached out to Kristie–conveying everything from words of admiration, to unsolicited tips on other labor-inducing techniques. I think she’s […]

Plumber Tom

I am now intimately familiar with all the inner-workings of the modern-day toilet. In fact, I might be able to give this guy a run for his money: But seriously folks…2/3 of our toilets were leaky and busted, which was very uncool, especially since we had our first overnight guest staying with us this weekend. […]

Guest Room Mattress

When you tie a mattress and box springs to your roof and need to run the rope through open windows (cause you don’t have a roof rack), the rest of your evening’s errands can become pretty tiresome. Kristie, at 9 months pregnant, made this window-entry maneuver look much more graceful than I could. She was […]

Lilah’s First Package

This arrived on our doorstep today from “Grumpy and Nana” McConnon: Inside was an incredible decorative/functional gift, known as a “diaper cake.” The three-layer masterpiece is composed of around 160(?) newborn diapers, a few receiving blankets, beaded headband clips and an assortment of other practical items. It’s so cool-looking that I think we’ll have a […]

Bauer Hour

Almost every Monday night since January, Kristie and I have gone to Leah and Johnny’s for dinner and an episode of 24. We take turns preparing meals, which has been a lot of fun…learning and trying stuff we probably wouldn’t have otherwise. Since the series is ending (and since we haven’t taken a single picture […]

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