June 2010 archive

Lilah’s First Week Home

We’re really grateful for friends that have helped us out this week – from meals, to visits, to advice and support – it’s made the whole transition really nice. Lilah has been wonderful, and we love having her with us. Here are a few pictures from the week:

Recovery Week With Grandma Tanner

Since labor was so long, Mom and Dad Tanner ended up driving all 6 hours down from Boise before Lilah was even born. They were such a huge help, and so fun to have with us. One day while we were still in the hospital, they surprised us by cleaning the house, mowing the lawn […]


So I get in to work at Qualtrics this morning and find this on my chair: My co-workers are possibly the coolest people in the world. The first little package I opened had onesie in it–but this was no ordinary baby gear–Jill sewed a Qualtrics Q on it!! I really cannot wait for her to […]

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