August 2010 archive

Garden Veggies

In May we tried planting a garden, and it ended up working out pretty well. But here are some lessons we learned for next year: Zucchini would grow in the middle of nuclear winter. Don’t plant more than 2. The growing radius of Yellow Squash (and Zucchini) is approximately 2,000 sq ft. If left unchecked, […]

Another VanWagenen Reception

We wanted to hike Mt. Timp today with some friends, but the threat of rain scuttled our plans. I was a sad panda. But on the bright side, it freed us up to hang out with Leah and Jonny and help them set up a reception for Leah’s younger brother Kurt and his wife. The […]

Off to the races

Kristie has gotten back into her running routine, which I figured would happen pretty quick. But last night at 11:00pm she looked over at me from her laptop and announced that she’d found a 10k race that she’d like to register for. I thought, “sure, fine…get a race on the calendar, have something to train […]

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