October 2010 archive

Westgate Resort Weekend

A while back we were walking down Main Street in Park City and were approached by two solicitors. They told us that they were promoting a local resort hotel (the Westgate), and could get us a killer deal if we paid an upfront deposit that evening. At that point, the scam alerts were sounding in […]

Kristie’s B-Day Treadmill

Since winter is fast approaching and it’s harder to leave the house with a baby, I decided to get a treadmill for Kristie’s birthday. Most husbands would have landed in the doghouse for a gift like this, but my runner girl loved it. Trying to assemble it after she fell asleep was quite a fiasco…but […]

Halloween Dinner

We had originally planned on throwing a Halloween party with the old gang–but when schedules and illness forced a few key individuals to drop out, we decided to make it easy and host a fun little dinner instead. The food and company were terrific, as always. Jer and Ked represented by dressing up in costume, […]

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