January 2011 archive

Klondike Campout

This year I was invited to help out our local Boy Scout troop on their annual Klondike camping trip. It was held at Maple Dell (up Payson Canyon). Even with the nighttime temperature of high teens/low 20’s, we still managed to enjoy ourselves thoroughly. I really love camping, and can’t wait for Lilah to join […]

Hard Drive Autopsy

One fateful night in 2006 I was backing up my laptop onto a new external hard drive, and the hard drive crashed. On that drive were all the pictures I had from the first 3/4 of my college experience. I tried everything to get them back, but nothing worked. My last recourse was to have […]


Today Lilah climbed up the four stairs from our lower living room all by herself. She was pretty proud of herself when we started clapping.

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