March 2011 archive

Running of the Leopards

I got the chance to run a 5k this Saturday called Running of the Leopards. The race was located in Salt Lake City and was pretty much all down-hill. When I heard about the race, a few days before, I was excited to run it because it sounded like it was perfect for  a PR […]

Family Fun Night

Just recently in our weekly mailer I found a coupon for 1 carousel ride at the Provo Beach, a new recreation center. I’ve wanted to take Lilah for a while now and tonight we decided to go together as a family. Lilah loved the horses on the carousel and enjoyed the whole ride. We had […]

Random March

We love going on walks together with Lilah in the jogging stroller. This was taken on a particularly chilly day, and I thought that Lilah looked so cute all bundled up. Here’s a few more of Lilah hanging out at home.

Rex Lee Run

Pretty much on a whim, Kristie decided she wanted to run the Rex Lee 10k (6.2 mile)  race on Saturday the 12th. She’s been training for the upcoming Provo half marathon, so the distance seemed pretty doable. Mom, Lilah and I dropped Kristie off at the starting line at about 8:00, then drove to a […]

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