May 2011 archive

Random May

Lilah & Tom just hanging out. Lilah absolutely loves this Dog at the Library. Again, I couldn’t understand why she was in such a bad mood for this short car trip…. until I went back to get her. I guess I’m a little mean for making her stay that way until I got a picture. […]

Bieber Fever

Make fun of him all you want…but you can’t deny his influence over girls of any age. Apparently even my 11 month old is susceptible. Here’s her take on “Baby”

Clover’s First Birthday

My friend Mandy and I got pregnant right around the same time. I loved having someone to talk about all the different stages of pregnancy with. Now, it’s been fun to watch our little girls grow and change together. Today we got to go to Clover’s first birthday party. Mandy decorated everything really cute and […]

Friday Sunshine

It’s too bad that it’s been so rainy here because Lilah has discovered that she really likes to be outside. Today was pretty warm and sunny, and we jumped at the chance to spend a lot of time exploring outside. She’s getting better at walking through the grass. We even got to ride the merry-go-round […]

Swinging at the park

Lilah loves being outside, so we often end up at the park around the corner in the evenings. This is a video of Tom pushing Lilah on the swing. This just might be her favorite past time, as you will be able to tell by her laughing and squealing. Grandparents enjoy.

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