June 2011 archive

Random June

Lilah loves ice! It’s kind of a funny thing to love, but she’s kind of a funny girl… I love those cute little baby lips… Yet again, she loves stuffed animals! Lilah and I getting ready to head into Seven Peaks one afternoon.

Amanda’s Baby Shower

Leah and I got to throw our good friend Amanda a little baby shower. Even though Amanda doesn’t live in Provo, she still knew some people from around here, so we jumped at the chance. She looks so cute with her little baby belly! Leah and I didn’t know the other girls before the shower, […]

Pass of All Passes

Our pass of all passes has been so fun this year! We have definitely gotten our money’s worth already. I’ve taken Lilah to Seven Peaks at least once a week for a while now. It’s nice to be able to stop by for an hour or two since I’m not buying a day pass each […]

Play Date

My friend Shelly invited Lilah and I over for a play date with her little boy. Lilah had a great time playing with all the new toys! The two kids didn’t play together much, but still seemed to enjoy being around each other… lol Lilah was especially excited about this little chair. She climbed up […]

Happy Birthday Lilah!

Tonight we threw a party for Lilah! We’ve had the kitchen decorations up all day, and Lilah has loved it! When she woke up from her afternoon nap there were people here waiting for her to celebrate with them! For dinner we did taco-type stuff and I made this for the main dish. It turned […]

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