July 2011 archive


After dinner tonight we sat around and talked about what we wanted to do. I couldn’t really think of anything too exciting that would still get us back in time to put Lilah to bed. But then Tom suggested that we go camping! I was so excited! We haven’t been camping all together since we […]

Silly Lilah

Here are some more fun videos of Lilah being Lilah for the Grandparents out there. Lilah loves shoes right now and will try to put them on no matter whose they are… She keeps saying “that” in the video which is what she says all the time now when she wants something. She’ll point to […]

Duck Park

It was such a beautiful day and Lilah was needing some outdoor time. Our yard has become impossible to play in because of all the mosquitoes, so we headed to my favorite park. It’s always a favorite for Lilah as well.

Spartan Race

Tom signed up for this 8 mile trail run/obstacle-course-type-race with his friend Ryan a while back. I was thinking that it would be a pretty easy race where they ran around in the mud, but it ended up being a lot tougher. Both the guys were surprised at how tired they were after they finished. […]

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