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Random November

Wearing Daddies hat. Lilah’s new party trick. Seriously, this is her favorite way to show off. She’ll walk up to strangers & do the “ssspslits” in front of them.

Acton Trip, Week 2

There was just too much to fit into one post, so here’s some great stuff from the second part of our trip—Thanksgiving through Dec. 1st. As you’d expect, we spent a lot more time around Hybid and the horses. While some of the kids were participating in a games rally (on horseback) Lilah discovered the egg […]


Thanksgiving was terrific. Great family, great food and an opportunity to reflect on all we’ve been blessed with. Our group wasn’t too large this year (we were especially missing Andrew in NC, Coleman in AZ, Cathy in PA and Ron in OR), but we were grateful to have auntie DD and Johnny with us. While […]

Acton Trip, Week 1

This November we took a two week vacation out to Massachusetts. Even though we see the McConnon’s in Cape May each summer, it had been about a year since we’d been to Acton, so we were really excited to head home. Those of you who know Rita (Nana) can imagine how excited she was to […]

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