February 2012 archive

Random February

Lilah having a little breakfast with her monkey and baby doll. She put her monkey in the chair then asked me to put the baby in her highchair. Then she asked me to put a bib on her baby as well. For about 30 minutes she ate her breakfast & fed it to her 2 […]

Ward Talent Show

I found out about the talent show this year and decided that I wanted to perform. Most my talents aren’t easily or often shared, so I jumped at the chance. I decided to do some cheerleading stunts with an old BYU squad friend.  I partially wanted to do it to prove to myself that I […]

Hybid Withdrawls

Since visiting Hybid Farm back in November and getting to ride the horses, Lilah is going through some serious withdrawals. Sometime I even find her sitting on her little thumb-sized animals saying “weee…” Then she tells me she’s getting a ride “yide.” Here’s a few photos we happen to capture: And my personal favorite:  


I still can’t believe my little girl is old enough to know how to join in on a song. She’s growing up so fast! I love this age!

Valentines Celebration

Our anniversary happens to fall on the day before Valentines day, so we usually have quite an exciting week full of celebration! On Valentines day we decided to celebrate as a family. We decorated the kitchen and our dinner menu included: baked asparagus, dill carrots, quinoa with saffron and onions, sparkling apple cider, and strawberry […]

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