March 2012 archive

Random March

Lilah swinging in our walk-in closet (a quieter spot for naps & bedtime when guests come over). At Leah’s house… sitting in Cora’s little toy cart: This is a house just down the street from us. We had a crazy windstorm one morning & Tom captured this picture! Lilah’s favorite little necklace right now: Just […]

The Cat’s Cradle List

When Wicky (also affectionately known as “Grumpy”) told us he’d be coming out to visit at the tail end of Mom’s trip to Utah, we got really excited. It would be his first visit since our wedding, and first time seeing our new(ish) home. We also knew that he probably wouldn’t know what to do […]

Nana’s Visit

We were so excited for Nana Rita to come out & visit this month! She was able to stay with us from the 5th through the 27th of March, and we had a blast! Here are some of the things we enjoyed. Dinner with the Hamiltons. Twice! We really enjoyed our 2 Sunday visits. They […]

Dinner with the Hillers

We got a chance to have dinner at Grandma Hillers with some of the family, and Lilah had such a great time! She had 3 little mommies to take care of her. I just wish I had been better about taking pictures of everyone that was there. Thanks again Grandma! That was quite an ordeal […]