May 2012 archive

Memorial Day Weekend

For the beginning of memorial weekend we decided to head up to Mountain Green to spend a night with Nathan & Kendra. The boys have been wanting to go mountain biking for a while and we finally had a free day to do it! We spent Friday evening eating, catching up, and letting the kids […]

Doggie Mail

Thanks Nana for this darling card and stickers. This is what she did immediately after opening it. She walked around with it all day, and enjoyed playing with it again at church that Sunday. She also told us over and over that it was for her birthday. She’s been kind of obsessed with birthdays ever […]

Idaho Weekend

Like I said in my previous post, we made a trip up to Idaho for a couple different reasons; First of all I was able to get a Doctors appointment with a great OBGYN surgeon who is really difficult to get in to (thanks Mom & Dad!), Secondly, my cousin Benson was having his wedding […]

Idaho Potato Half Marathon

After arranging to be up in Boise for a Doctors appointment and a wedding reception I decided to see if there were any races that weekend. I have been wanting to run the Idaho Potato Marathon or Half Marathon for years and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was that very same weekend. […]

Dinner Picnic

Lilah has become really interested in babies lately and always asks to “hold it… in hand.” So when we had a dinner picnic at the park with Leah, Jonny and baby Cora, this is what we got: I love Lilah’s sweet little hands softly holding onto baby Cora. She was so gentle with her and […]

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