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Random October

Family mini-golf: River Woods Trips: Little buddies hanging out while the adults watched a BYU game: Walking home from church on a beautiful day: Couldn’t resist putting this cute photo up: Pumpkin post: Tom’s work Halloween Party… I hear they did a pretty funny skit:

Halloween Night

For Halloween night we decided to use a different costume for Lilah that would be a little warmer than her Coppertone baby one. My friend Sandi loaned me this adorable “princess bee” costume (as Lilah calls it). Lilah had been wearing the costume around the house since Sandi sent it over a few days before […]

Carving Pumpkins

I’m not a huge fan of actually carving pumpkins, but love getting people together to do it and just enjoying the Halloween fun! I sat by and picked out the seeds for roasting while everyone carved some pretty cool pumpkins! And then the real fun began: Wish my other siblings were closer so they could […]

Ward Fall Festival

We love our little Ward Fall Festival and look forward to it every year (2011, 2010). When we were in Cape May this year we came up with the idea of Lilah dressing up as the¬†Coppertone¬†baby. I mentioned my idea to some friends but said that I wasn’t quite sure how to go about making […]


For my birthday this year Tom decided to take me up to SLC for the night! Since my birthday was on a Saturday he decided to just take me up Friday night instead and stay into Saturday. Lacey and Travis were nice enough to watch Lilah for us and we couldn’t have done it without […]

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