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McConnon Family Cruise – Part 3

Thursday: Jamaica Here we are on Thursday morning grabbing breakfast before heading to our excursion in Jamaica. Sweet Auntie Cathy called and had some extra credit put on our cruise cards so that we could do something extra special. We decided on a beach and lunch excursion in Jamaica at a resort. Thank you Cathy!! […]

McConnon Family Cruise – Part 2

Wednesday: Labadee Haiti Our first stop was in Haiti where Royal Caribbean had their own little private section of the island. We went to 2 different beaches on the island, but they were just a short walk apart. Lilah has always been in love with the ocean and this was no exception. Lucky for her […]

McConnon Family Cruise – Part 1

After going on our last McConnon cruise and loving it, we decided that we wanted to book another one! We took our first cruise over Christmas & wanted to do that again, but since Coleman wouldn’t be home from his mission until February we decided to celebrate Christmas on a cruise after he got back. […]

Fairy Party

Lilah got to go to her very first birthday party, and she LOVED it! One of our little friends in the neighborhood invited her and threw the most amazing/decorative party I have ever seen! I hope Lilah doesn’t use this as the standard for what parties are really like… lol I could never be nearly […]

Stunt Night

Went to an open gym at BYU with KC and had a blast! I can’t get enough of this stunting thing… lol This time we tried using a go-pro camera! Can’t wait to get the footage from KC.

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