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Random May

Tom and Lilah made me breakfast in bed for mother’s day: Lilah trying on some glasses during Tom’s eye appointment: Family date night. The pictures doesn’t really show it, but Lilah was very excited about this purple ice cream cone.

Friends at Kangaroo Zoo

Lilah’s little buddy across the street is moving, and we are SO sad! She has been the sweetest little friend. I have also gotten really close to Aubrie (her mom) and we are all just really sorry to see them go. They live directly across the street and it has been so fun. Luckily they […]

Imagine Dragons Take 2

Tom’s friend is the brother of the lead singer of Imagine Dragons. He also happens to be their band manager and was nice enough to get Tom a ticket to their show at UVU! We both went to their concert when they came to SLC a few months back, but Tom was excited to see […]

Recovery Update

First of all, the pain is still gone.¬†Hallelujah! It has been an amazing couple of weeks. I feel so happy and so grateful my face hurts from smiling so much. As with many of my previous posts about this journey, there is a lot of detailed information that some people might not want to read.¬†Proceed […]

Tom’s Birthday!

My sexy birthday boy: This is pretty much the only photo I have from Tom’s birthday sadly. With planning for and having surgery just 1 week before I just didn’t get around to making his day too exciting. I know you say you don’t mind at all, but I’m sorry baby :( Tom is the […]

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