August 2013 archive

Another Owlz Game

I am going to miss this relaxing family activity when the season ends. We didn’t make it to as many games this year as we did last year, but we enjoyed the ones we did go to. Lilah loves going to the games and always wants to say hi to the Owlz mascot:

First Day of Preschool

First day of school photo shoot: I bribed her to take a few nice pictures by telling her she could do lots of funny ones: I’m tired just looking at these… lol She is such a feisty little girl. Lilah loved her first day and didn’t want it to end. Here she is with her […]

Jack Pot

When we purchased our pass of all passes we got free tokens to Trafalga for their arcade games. So we went as a family one night and ended up hitting the jack pot on one of the games we played! I knew I had hit a jack pot, but I didn’t know what that meant […]

School Shopping

Ready to go on a mommy date to pick out a school outfit and backpack. I picked out an outfit and Lilah picked out an outfit. She picked a dress. No surprise here:

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