September 2013 archive

Elementary School Carnival

Our elementary school carnival was originally planned for last week, but the day of the carnival was freezing and rainy, so they rescheduled it for today. I was so grateful they did, because today turned out to be beautiful and perfect for an outdoor carnival! We got Lilah a little wrist band that got her […]

Family Pictures

We decided to have our family pictures done at camera shy again this year. We had a great experience with them last year and it was a good price; so why not? It felt so much more difficult to get Lilah to look at the camera and smile this year!I thought I was going to […]


We have been doing some little gymnastic lessons at home and it’s been fun to see the progress Lilah is making. Sometimes we only do it for 5 min or so before she isn’t interested anymore, but every now and then she will be up for doing a lot more than that. She is definitely […]

Birthday Celebration

Old Photo from Disney this summer: Lilah just loves her aunt Lacey! I am so grateful to have at least 1 sibling close enough to celebrate birthdays together! I wish they were ALL close enough. Lacey got lucky and had work off on her birthday, so Lilah and I got to take her out to […]

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