November 2013 archive

Nana Visit for Thanksgiving

We invited Nana out to Utah for Thanksgiving this year and we’re so happy that she could come! Coleman is currently living in Utah as well, so we knew if she came out that we could have a little McConnon Thanksgiving celebration at our house. Nana was able to come out a week before Thanksgiving […]

Dreamforce & Boise Trip

Tom got to attend a work conference in San Francisco so Lilah and I decided to go visit my mom for the week! I was a little nervous about doing the drive with Lilah by myself, especially since Tom took the ipad with him (so I didn’t have a movie to resort to when Lilah […]

Little Friends

We got a chance to visit Lilah’s little friend who moved away, and the girls were happy to be playing together again. They kind of just seemed to pick up where they left off. Luckily they only live about 15 min away, so we can still get together which is great, because we miss having […]