January 2014 archive

Overnight Get Away

Had a fantastic time with the Manwarings this weekend when we got to spend the night up at their home in Mountain Green. Some highlights: This photo: Staying up late chatting after the kids were in bed Seeing the newly finished basement Sledding down the hill by their house And lots and lots of play […]

Tanner Boys Ski Trip

My mom had the great idea to give the Tanner boys lift tickets to Solitude Ski Resort for Christmas this year. Sadly, Jeff wasn’t able to fly up to Utah for the short weekend and was definitely missed! We picked out a weekend that they could all go together and they made it a boys […]

Our Difficult Decision to Have a New Baby

I still can’t believe I am typing this post. If you had asked me in September if we were thinking of having another baby anytime soon I would have said that I didn’t think we would ever have another baby. Tom and I both thought that there was a huge chance that we were done […]