February 2014 archive

Lilah Lately

Here are some pictures to illustrate what Lilah has been up to lately: Still loves Doggies. This is the dog & food for her dog that Tom taught her to build out of her blocks: Hanging out waiting for me to finish making dinner: Making some valentines decorations. She LOVES any holiday! I was packing […]

While We Were Gone

While the parents are away – Lilah and Nana play! Lilah had such a great time with her Nana this week! They stayed busy all week and luckily took a bunch of pictures. Here is the week in pictures: Lilah getting ready to leave for church the first Sunday we were gone: Practicing her letters […]

Anniversary Cruise

Tom and I originally planned on going on vacation for our 5 year anniversary last year. Then we decided that we should wait until after my surgeries in hopes of being pain free; then I could really celebrate! But then the months dragged on and I never got better and I started feeling like I […]

Pocatello Trip

Houston and Becca blessed their new baby up in Pocatello and we were able to be there. It was a quick trip but so fun to see family and celebrate a darling little girl. Thanks for the invite guys and congratulations!