March 2014 archive

Girls Meeting

Since Tom and I went to the Real Salt Lake Soccer game on Saturday night I decided to watch the LDS Women’s Meeting on Sunday. I told Lilah about it and she insisted on watching with me and kept referring to it as the girl’s meeting. I thought that was sweet and told her she […]

Real Salt Lake Soccer

Tom’s boss was gracious enough to give us 2 tickets to a Real Salt Lake game; along with 9 other people from marketing. He has the most amazing seats right at center field. There’s a room to hang out in where you can watch the game on a big screen or seats out in front. […]

Grandpa with the Long House

Lilah has a difficult time remembering all her grandparents names so she has come up with little things to remember them by. My parents are officially Grandma and Grandpa with the long house since it takes SOO… long to drive to their house. My Dad got to come down and spend the weekend with his […]


Lilah has enjoyed practicing being a big sister lately. Houston and Becca came to visit with baby Kyree then we got to meet Jonathan (Nathan and Kendra’s new little boy). While Lilah was putting her hands on my tummy today she looked up and me and said “Mom, after you have the baby, if your […]

Houston & Becca Visit

Houston and Becca had spring break and got to stay at our house for 2 nights on their way down to Arizona. Lacey and Travis came down on Saturday and we all spent the day together. This is the only picture I took… bummer. It was nice to just spend some time together. We hung […]

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