May 2014 archive

Florida Business Trip

I kind of hate business trips, but since Tom only has to go on one once or twice a year I feel like I can’t complain. For this one in particular they headed to Miami Florida and had a great time attending a conference and learning lots of valuable things. Some of my siblings were […]

Coloring Contest

When Domo had their Star Wars party they sent the kids home with a coloring page for a contest. Lilah loves to color and definitely wanted to turn hers in for the contest. I prepped her by telling her that the most important thing was that she tried her hardest and did her best, but […]

Preschool Graduation

Lilah has one more year of preschool before she will go to kindergarten, but it was still fun to have a little preschool graduation ceremony. The kids were so cute and I loved watching them recite some things they had learned through the year. Lilah made a lot of cute little friends in this class. […]

Muddy Mountain Biking

Tom went mountain biking with a friend after it had been raining for a few days and this is what happened! They still had a great time, but the mud made things pretty tough for them. It took us quite a while to spray off all the mud when he got home.

Tom’s Birthday

I have decided that all birthday’s are more fun when there is a kid around! Lilah and I had a great time decorating for Tom’s birthday, making him cards, getting him some gifts and celebrating. It think it’s more fun to see her reaction to us having birthdays then actually having one. Here’s how we […]

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