June 2014 archive

Baby #2 on the way

11:30pm – 2.5 hrs of contractions began this evening 1:30am – While in bed, baby kicked hard and water broke. 1:35am – Called Sandi, she arrived in record time. Sandi will be watching Lilah this evening (thank you!!) 1:37am – Called Becca, and she was fabulous as always, plans to meet us at hospital. 1:50am – […]

Chronic Pain Update – the ticking time bomb

Well, I am just over 38 weeks pregnant and I thought it was about time I get all my thoughts down before I have this baby in the next 2-3 weeks. So far, this pregnancy has been very painful. My pain levels vary day by day, but it is there 24/7. It has definitely been […]

Lilah Turns 4

We already did Lilah’s friend party last week and her birthday is technically on Sunday, but we decided to celebrate while we were at home on Friday. We had all her presents wrapped up for when she came down on Friday morning.   We had been planning to get her a trampoline and had it […]

Extended Tanner Family Reunion

My amazing aunts put together an extended Tanner family reunion this year and I’m so grateful we were able to go. We haven’t been able to get everyone together like that in a long time. Almost everyone in the family was able to come and it was so great to spend time together. Even Angela […]

Lilah’s Friend Birthday Party

We decided to let Lilah have a friend birthday party this year. We were planning on being up in Ogden during her actual birthday weekend so we decided to have the party the week before. I was going to be 37 weeks pregnant on her actual birthday as well and didn’t want to plan the […]

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