August 2014 archive

Sundance Drive

The leaves are just starting to change and everything is beautiful up in the mountains. This is just what I needed to lift my spirits today. We live in a beautiful place. My little treasure hunter:

Daisy – 2 Months old

Some things about Daisy right now: Daisy rolled over from her stomach to her back for the first time on 8/27/14. Just 3 days shy of being 2 months old. Daisy loves to  make lots of loud noise whether it’s happy or in protest. She has gotten more fussy lately and isn’t sleeping as well […]

Bluebird Cafe

We decided to  go to the Blue Bird Cafe show again this year with the Pincocks. It’s crazy to think that when we went last year neither Becca or I were pregnant and I never would have thought that I would have a baby by that time the next year. Things were a little different […]

1st Day of Preschool

Lilah started preschool just 2 days after we got back from Cape May. We decided to sign her up for Little Smarty Pants again. It is right down the street and we have a car pool all set up, so it works out well. She has been asking me when preschool starts again all summer, […]

Visiting Auntie Cathy

I’m so glad we got a chance to visit Auntie Cathy this year on our way back to the airport! It was fun for her to meet Daisy for the first time and catch up with the rest of us. When we first got there Lilah led the way by running in and jumping right […]

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