November 2014 archive

Daisy – 5 Months Old

Daisy is still our little ray of sunshine and we absolutely love having her in our family. One thing that she started doing from 4-5 months was kissing us. On November 5th I had just finished nursing her and was kissing her cheeks and she leaned in and kissed me twice on the lips. It […]

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year is a Tanner-Thanksgiving and a McConnon-Christmas, and we got to go to Great-Grandma Tanners (Lilah & Daisy’s great grandma) for Thanksgiving. It was a smaller group, but we had a great time. My parents were there, as well as Lacey & Travis. Then Sher & Lance came and went, and the Coleman’s came […]

The Cast Is Off

We were supposed to head into the doctors office in the morning to get Lilah’s cast taken off. But when she showed me that she could pull it off herself I decided to let her and save us a trip! Lilah just kept saying “I’m free, I’m free!”

Vegas Weekend

Let me just say that I miss this girl right here! Danielle used to live in my culta-sac before they moved in May to sunny California. We had such great times sitting outside with our other neighbor Sandi and letting the kids run around and play. Sadly, I am the only one still left here […]

Lilah lately

Lilah says: A song came on the radio and Lilah said “Oh! This is Kitty Parrot!? Kristie “what?… Oh do you mean Katy Perry?” Lilah “No it’s Kitty Perrit! Brooke told me and she knows.” Lilah “I know lots of things. I know more than you.” (talking to Tom & Kristie) Lilah “I don’t wanna […]

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