January 2015 archive

BYU Basketball

Tom got offered some BYU basketball tickets and work, so we were able to go to the game have dinner there before, and sit in the cougar club seats. It’s so fun to be right down in the action. The game was really exciting and went right down to the end where we pulled off […]

My Little Helper

Tonight Lilah went upstairs and said “Don’t come up mom! I’m busy doing something!” I was a little worried and asked her if it was something I would be frustrated about and she reassured me that I would love it but that I had to wait until she was done. Well about an hour later […]

Cousin Get Together

The Manwaring’s were able to come down and hang out at our house tonight and it was great to catch up. Lilah loves playing with her cousins and it was fun to see Jonathan and Daisy interact as well. I think they will be great little friends. Poor Daisy had some immunizations today and got […]

Living Room Update

Tom and I haven’t been able to decide what we wanted to do with this hole above our fireplace for almost 5 years now. We tried putting some art peaces up on the mantle to cover it, but were never happy with them. So one night we were talking and had the idea to do […]

Look Who’s Standing

Daisy started standing up to things pretty quickly after she started crawling. It’s been fun to see her excitement but I will be happy when she gets a little more stable. She seems very determined to learn to be mobile just like her sister.

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