April 2015 archive

Daisy 10 months old

Some highlights of Daisy from 9 months to 10 months: Daisy took her first real steps just 3 days after turning 9 months old and never stopped after that. It wasn’t long before walking was her primary way of getting around. She also started going down the stair by herself a few days after turning […]


Domo finally launched their produce and in a big way too! They came out with a 2 billion dollar valuation which is crazy! Tom has been working on getting things ready for the launch conference and it was REALLY┬ábusy the 2 weeks leading up to it. Everything seemed to go really well and I was […]

Easter Weekend – Conference Weekend

I did not feel up to making the trip to Grandma & Grandpa’s farm this time for Conference weekend so we decided to just have a nice, quiet weekend at home. The girls had a great time finding Easter Eggs on Saturday morning and we all really enjoyed watching all the conference sessions right in […]

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