August 2015 archive


Lilah started kindergarten just 3 days after my surgery. She was SO excited and I was so excited for her! She is so social, active, and excited to learn that I knew she was ready to start kindergarten. Look at that sweet little excited face! I can’t wait for all the fun adventures she is […]

Nodule Surgery – Kristie’s Perspective

I’ve been so grateful to Tom for putting the details of my surgeries in real time on the blog. But I also want to add a few details about my experience so I can look back and remember them. My mom was so sweet and came into town to take care of the girls while […]

Surgery day

*Check back for updates* All times in Mountain Daylight (MDT). 8:45 – Arrival, check in, blood work, etc. 10:38 – Dropped Kristie off at Radiology 11:40 – The coil injection into the targeted area is complete. The coil was placed right near a very clear calcification (see white dot below arrow in CT image below). […]

Random August

Enjoying the beautiful weather and last few days of summer with some neighborhood kids: Daisy just learned to climb up onto this chair by herself and is so proud to b sitting like a big girl: We didn’t plant much this year in our garden, but what we did plant has been producing really well […]

Visiting Auntie Cathy

I’m so glad it worked out for us to be able to visit Cathy in Philadelphia before heading to the airport again this year. Cathy, you are always so welcoming and understanding of the little girls wanting to see and pick up all your special treasures. It was great to get a chance to chat […]

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