September 2015 archive

Family Pictures 2015

We almost didn’t take family pictures this year because I was having such a rough time doing anything, but I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to get some good shots of our girls at these stages! They are growing so fast and their little friendship is so adorable! It was quite a painful process for […]

Girls Night

I feel so lucky to have such amazing girl friends. They would do anything for me and have. It’s nice to get out and just talk and laugh every now and then.

Puppy Barn

After Tom got home we decided to take the girls to this cute little pet shop called the puppy barn. Apparently they place a ton of puppies because they let people come in and play with them, which makes everyone fall in love with them and want to buy them. But we were just happy […]

Tom’s Dreamforce Conference

Tom had to go to a work conference for a few days and it was quite the ordeal. I am just not capable of taking care of our girls right now and it just killed him to have to leave me. We scheduled everything out and between my Grandma Tanner, my nanny & my cousin […]


Looked who learned what to do during prayer time. This might be the cutest thing in the world :)

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