November 2015 archive

Triple Double

Another fun thing that we got to do while my parents were here was go to a BYU basketball game. Tom happen to get 6 tickets (on the 2nd row) from his boss for the Thanksgiving weekend which turned out just perfect. We got to take Lacey, Travis & Jade with us as well. I […]

Thanksgiving 2015

We were planning on having a McConnon Thanksgiving this year, but when Rita couldn’t come out again so quickly after her last trip we decided to just do a small Thanksgiving celebration at home. But last minute my parents decided that they would head down to Utah as well and help us┬ámake a Thanksgiving meal. […]

Crawl Space Progress

Travis came over a few days and helped Tom frame in the crawl space! We are making progress! We now have all the electrical and framing done. Now we just need to hire someone to do the drywall, carpet and finish work. Thanks a ton Travis!

Little Sickies

These 2 were feeling a bit under the weather today and it was so sweet to watch them cuddle together for a minute and watch a little movie. Sisters are the best.

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