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Lilah lately

Lilah says: A song came on the radio and Lilah said “Oh! This is Kitty Parrot!? Kristie “what?… Oh do you mean Katy Perry?” Lilah “No it’s Kitty Perrit! Brooke told me and she knows.” Lilah “I know lots of things. I know more than you.” (talking to Tom & Kristie) Lilah “I don’t wanna […]

When Daddy is Gone

Tom doesn’t have to travel often at all, but he does usually take 1-2 trips a year. When we found out he would be gone for a few days we decided to ask my mom if she could possibly come down and be with me and the girls. I am still in so much pain […]

1st Day of Preschool

Lilah started preschool just 2 days after we got back from Cape May. We decided to sign her up for Little Smarty Pants again. It is right down the street and we have a car pool all set up, so it works out well. She has been asking me when preschool starts again all summer, […]


Well Lilah woke up one morning in a great mood and ran into Daisy’s room to say good morning. She took her pj’s off to go get dressed and that’s when I saw her rash! Aww! I freaked out a little bit. Here I was home alone, holding a 2 week old baby! I didn’t […]

Cousin Sleepover

When Nathan and Kendra came to meet baby Daisy they decided to invite Lilah up to their house for a few days. Lilah was so excited about the idea and Tom and I were excited to be able to get some needed rest. She went up on Friday night and stayed with them through Sunday […]

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