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The Cast Is Off

We were supposed to head into the doctors office in the morning to get Lilah’s cast taken off. But when she showed me that she could pull it off herself I decided to let her and save us a trip! Lilah just kept saying “I’m free, I’m free!”

Lilah lately

Lilah says: A song came on the radio and Lilah said “Oh! This is Kitty Parrot!? Kristie “what?… Oh do you mean Katy Perry?” Lilah “No it’s Kitty Perrit! Brooke told me and she knows.” Lilah “I know lots of things. I know more than you.” (talking to Tom & Kristie) Lilah “I don’t wanna […]

When Daddy is Gone

Tom doesn’t have to travel often at all, but he does usually take 1-2 trips a year. When we found out he would be gone for a few days we decided to ask my mom if she could possibly come down and be with me and the girls. I am still in so much pain […]

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