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Lilah has enjoyed practicing being a big sister lately. Houston and Becca came to visit with baby Kyree then we got to meet Jonathan (Nathan and Kendra’s new little boy). While Lilah was putting her hands on my tummy today she looked up and me and said “Mom, after you have the baby, if your […]

St. Patrick’s Day

I was planning on making green pancakes for breakfast by mixing spinach into our normal pancake recipe, but when I told Lilah we could have green pancakes she said “Mom, can we just have normal pancakes on a green plate?” And since it would have been all for her anyways I agreed! Normal pancakes it […]

Speaking in Church

Lilah got to give her very first talk in primary today! It was a very surreal moment for Tom and I when we thought about how quickly she is growing up. Eating a few last bites of breakfast before leaving for church: She practiced all week long and was very excited. She told me she […]

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