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Well Lilah woke up one morning in a great mood and ran into Daisy’s room to say good morning. She took her pj’s off to go get dressed and that’s when I saw her rash! Aww! I freaked out a little bit. Here I was home alone, holding a 2 week old baby! I didn’t […]

Cousin Sleepover

When Nathan and Kendra came to meet baby Daisy they decided to invite Lilah up to their house for a few days. Lilah was so excited about the idea and Tom and I were excited to be able to get some needed rest. She went up on Friday night and stayed with them through Sunday […]

Lilah Turns 4

My little girl is 4! I can’t believe it. We already did Lilah’s friend party last week and her birthday is technically on Sunday, but we decided to celebrate while we were at home on Friday. We had all her presents wrapped up for when she came down on Friday morning. We had been planning […]

Lilah’s Friend Birthday Party

We decided to let Lilah have a friend birthday party this year. We were planning on being up in Ogden during her actual birthday weekend so we decided to have the party the week before. I was going to be 37 weeks pregnant on her actual birthday as well and didn’t want to plan the […]

Famous Singer

Our elementary school had a party where this girl came and sang. I guess she has become quite famous for her singing. Lilah got to take a picture with her then came home and watched  a few of her performances online. There was one in particular where she is all dressed up in a beautiful […]

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