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Famous Singer

Our elementary school had a party where this girl came and sang. I guess she has become quite famous for her singing. Lilah got to take a picture with her then came home and watched  a few of her performances online. There was one in particular where she is all dressed up in a beautiful […]

Coloring Contest

When Domo had their Star Wars party they sent the kids home with a coloring page for a contest. Lilah loves to color and definitely wanted to turn hers in for the contest. I prepped her by telling her that the most important thing was that she tried her hardest and did her best, but […]

Preschool Graduation

Lilah has one more year of preschool before she will go to kindergarten, but it was still fun to have a little preschool graduation ceremony. The kids were so cute and I loved watching them recite some things they had learned through the year. Lilah made a lot of cute little friends in this class. […]

Easter Weekend

On Saturday we celebrate what Lilah likes to call “fake Easter,” then we celebrate the real meaning of Easter on Sunday. I used to do this with my own family when I was growing up and we have adopted it for our family now. On Saturday morning the Easter bunny had hidden eggs for Lilah […]

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