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Raking Leaves

These 2 little buddies had so much fun raking up these leaves and jumping into the pile for a few days. And I sure didn’t complain, especially because they did eventually throw them all away.

Pool Day

Another thing we did while my mom was here was get out the little pool and watch the girls play. It was a hot day and mom and I laid under the trampoline in the shade and watched the girls splash. It’s so fun to watch them play together.

Canyon Visit

My parents have been coming down to visit a lot lately. I have needed to much extra help and my sister Lacey has needed so much extra help with her baby that they just can’t seem to stay away. We are so incredibly grateful for all their help and don’t know what we would do […]

Family Bike Ride

We’ve figured out that if I sit on my nice beach cruise bike and pedal slow and easy that I can go on a little bike ride without making my pain much worse. It has been SO nice to go on a few little family bike rides. The 2 times we’ve gone, we’ve biked down […]

Pioneer Day

We had a great Pioneer Day together as a family. We came home from camping that morning and all crashed for a bit, then we headed to Leah & Johnny’s parents house to swim for the afternoon. That really helped me feel better and the girls had such a great time. Daisy ran around the […]

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