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Nerve ablation 11/30/17

After my nerve ablation at the end of September we knew we were working with the right area. But since the pain had come back after 2 days we weren’t quite sure what the next steps would be. I decided that I wanted to start working with a new doctor. The one I had been […]

Bump Shots

It’s kind of fun to look back at the belly progression: 28 Weeks 2 Days 33 Weeks 2 days 34 Weeks 6 Days 39 Weeks 2 Days (I went into labor at 10:30pm this evening and had Daisy the next morning):

Girls Meeting

Since Tom and I went to the Real Salt Lake Soccer game on Saturday night I decided to watch the LDS Women’s Meeting on Sunday. I told Lilah about it and she insisted on watching with me and kept referring to it as the girl’s meeting. I thought that was sweet and told her she […]

Rear Ended

  Tonight on the way to Costco we got rear ended. Luckily, as you can see, it was not bad at all. There was some slight damage to our bumper, but we were so grateful that it was not a bad collision. We were stopped at a light when we were hit and the car […]

Cougs and cousins

Tonight we caught some of the BYU men’s b-ball game at the Marriott Center before taking off to play volleyball with Nathan and Kendra and some friends. Unfortunately, the locks to the building had been changed, so we never got a chance to play. Around that time, Kristie’s cousin Tiffany called to let us know […]