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Domo Christmas Party

Domo’s Christmas party was at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City this year and we had a great night. I had a particularly good day for me that day and I was feeling so happy to just not be miserable all night! It was the perfect night to feel better than normal. We […]

Tom’s Dreamforce Conference

Tom had to go to a work conference for a few days and it was quite the ordeal. I am just not capable of taking care of our girls right now and it just killed him to have to leave me. We scheduled everything out and between my Grandma Tanner, my nanny & my cousin […]

Domo Tailgate Party

Domo put on their family tailgate party again this year and we had such a great time. I’m still on a lot of pain medication, but I decided to take extra this afternoon and it made all the difference. I haven’t felt that normal in a long time. There was face painting, food trucks, all […]


Domo finally launched their produce and in a big way too! They came out with a 2 billion dollar valuation which is crazy! Tom has been working on getting things ready for the launch conference and it was REALLY┬ábusy the 2 weeks leading up to it. Everything seemed to go really well and I was […]

Sundance Work Trip

Tom got a chance to spend a night up in Sundance for work, to do some leadership training this week. It’s such a great group and I’m so grateful that Tom works at a place that he loves to much and with awesome and talented people. Although there was a lot of work, I know […]

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